Ecuador’s “Arriba and Cacao Nacional” cacao beans are considered some of the finest in the world and international chocolatiers have long recognized their superiority. Only recently however, have artisanal labels sprung up from within the South American nation, much of it organic with a superior quality ever been produced.

Inside the world of Cocoa Arriba, Ecuadorian cocoa beans have given Ecuador the title as "The Capital of Flavor"


Excellent quality, unique floral aroma and flavor are among the features that have given the cacao "Nacional" Ecuadorian international recognition.

Ecuador's cocoa production is becoming one of the most important targets for the export business. Several international companies have set chocolate cocoa quality in our country, as is the case of the multinational Nestle, for its management subsidiary in the country, being exported 8 000 tonnes per year. Nestlé was interested in national product because of its nutritional properties, which allow compliance with the requirements for the production of premium chocolate.

Ecuadorian cocoa is recognized worldwide for its sharp flavor and color characteristics highly prized in the preparation of fine chocolates, coatings and coverings. It also represents the third largest agricultural export in the country and is a source of income for over 100 000 small farmers in Esmeraldas, Amazon, Los Rios, Guayas and Manabi. The great demand for our cocoa is attributed to the characteristics? Niques that he possesses, since it is made with dark chocolate with high demand in the world.

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Cacao CCN51

Variety obtained in Ecuador. It is characterized by its resistance to disease and the high productivity of the trees obtained in excess of 4 times the performance of conventional varieties. The fruits contain a high proportion of fat and very little shell. From it we get the world's finest chocolates.


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