Company Values

We have been leading the "Arriba" cocoa exports in Ecuador for almost 40 years. Eximore cocoa beans meet all top quality standards throughout the whole process of selection, drying, sorting and selling its grains. 

We are a client and consumer oriented company, working along with top ecuadorian farmers specialized on cocoa crops, encouraging agricultural developments and environmental sustainability at large.




We are leaders of the Ecuadoran market in the Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Cocoa Sector. Leadership consolidated primary for two reasons:

1.The loyalty in offhand and indirect buyings to more than 10.000 small and medium farmers, business firms and wholesale agriculturalists of the sector.

2.Our solid path in exportation to leading international companies reflected in his(her,your) volumes of exportation throughout his(her,your) 30 years in the exporting branch(bouquet), and 40 years in the agricultural national trade.



Commercial Division. – In charge of the cocoa beans purchase to the small Ecuadoran farmer, to small merchants and warehouses of the agricultural sector, along with the sale of the product to the Ecuadoran local industry and to international markets.
Agroindustrial Division. - Focused in offering services to the small farmer and agricultural cocoa merchants by means of: Selection, Driying, Weighing, Storing, Cleaning and Industrializing every variety of cocoa beans.


The local Purchase to the small farmers of Cocoa in the zones of Los Rios, Guayas, El Oro, Esmeraldas and Manabí principally.

Our Internal Portfolio of Clients belongs to the Agricultural sector and Commercial Agriculturalists is divided in both direct and indirect Groups:

The Local Sales are concentrated on the Ecuadorian Chocolate Industries.

Our sales to international markets is mainly addressed to: Europe, The United States, Asia, and South America.

Clients: Genco, Blommer, Walter Matter, Ferrero, Nestle, AgroMexico, Mitsui Co., ToutonS.A., Albrecht & Dill, Finagra U.K., ADM, ICAM SPA, Mitusubishi Co., Woodlands, Chocolates Tropical, among many others.

It is noteworthy that Group Orellana´s operations represents a share of the national cocoa exports approximately 15% of Ecuadorian cacao exports.